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APPARATEBAU interprets itself as a medium-sized metalworking supplier. Our expertise is characterized by the development and production of kinematic components and assemblies. Numerous innovations, special developments and user-oriented solutions distinguish us as one of the leading companies in a wide range of industries. We produce hinge solutions, pull-out systems, frames and covers for the household industry, as well as complex parts and components for numerous alternative industries.

In 1971 the engineer Wilhelm Gronbach founded the company APPARATEBAU with the aim to serially produce his innovative freezer cabinet hinges. In the new plant, located at the south of Bolzano, the production was initially carried out manually – 70 employees produced approx. 6,000 hinges per day.

The market success of the hinges was followed by automation. Today, as the GRONBACH GmbH, we produce approx. 15,000 hinges daily. Through our corporate policy and continuous optimization processes, we are in a position to significantly reduce prices for the benefit of our customers, so that the company has been the world market leader for many years. Today we employ about 150 motivated and highly trained employees. Our processes are also certified according to ISO 9001.

Our expertise lies in the following areas:

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