We grately value the development of our staff, particularly their continuous further education and training. To this end, every single person can use at least 25 hours per year for further development, specialist training, language courses or personal interests. We have created a special traineeship for our highly-skilled employees to prepare them as well as possible for future management roles.

Social Contribution

We can offer interesting social packages to our staff depending on their needs. Flexible working hours, part-time contracts or teleworking are just a few examples of how we try to adapt to the changes in the private lives of our staff.


The wellbeing of each staff member is the most valuable asset of a company. Complying with legal obligations is not enough for us, as we like to contribute more on a permanent basis to the cause of healthy living. Our canteen has a large selection of fruit on offer for all staff members. Completely free.

Health and Security

The well-being of our employees, the prevention of injuries on the workplace and occupational diseases have always been Close to our heart. APPARATEBAU was not Content with just complying with current legislation, and so, on February 2014, it became  BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certified.

The main points of the certification are not only prevention itself, but constant surveillance and improvement of our own performance. As stated in ISO 9001:2008, this basic principle is also shaped by the Deming Cycle.

Preventative Accident Avoidance plays a central role when it comes to security in the workplace. Using a form, we have devised a process that allows the staff to report potentially dangerous situations. The so-called Almost Accident Report has contributed in recent years to the early recognition of accident danger zones and has helped to preventatively avoid accidents.

Industrial Safety Team for Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention Drill
Fire Prevention Drill

As part of security measures on the workplace initiative, a team was formed and, in collaboration with the Fire Service, was given the task of carrying out a special study on fire prevention throughout the whole complex. In addition, staff is prepared in the event of a real fire by attending regular information sessions and drills.

Industrial Safety Team for First Aid

First Aid Training
First Aid Training

However, should something still occurr, colleagues are immediately on hand, ready to assist. Regular training sessions are given, focussing on necessary safety measures to be taken for First Aid on-side.