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Interactive oven with elevel

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Light, medium or well done? With the smartphone baking goes digital: minutes before end of baking, your phone informs you that the baking sheet will be now driven up to the grill. This is made possible by the extendable rail system with elevel. Now you decide the right baking result for you. Simply tap the required cooking result on the phone and ... enjoy your meal!

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elevel® with iPhone
elevel® with iPhone
Fully extendable rails with elevel® system
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Extendable system with elevel

The innovative automatic height adjustment of the extendable rail allows you an unrestricted use of the shelf positions inside the oven. The cooking program, interacting with the core temperature probe, determines the optimum height position of the baking tray and approaches it.


  • Automatic user-definable shelf positions - height position changeable during the cooking
  • Easy to use by operating the sensor on the oven or on the smartphone, where it can be integrated into the software of the device manufacturer
  • Energy efficiency: the baking tray can be automatically adjusted while cooking goes on, without opening the door
  • Comfort: possibility to control the food by driving down the food support
  • smooth surface, tidier oven, easy to clean 

Best for

  • ovens
  • stoves
  • adaptable to other applications
Fully extendable rails with elevel® system