Extendable rails with smartlock

Fully extendable rails with smartlock® system

The baking tray remains stable when pulled out thanks to fully extendable rails using our smartlock system. A locking lever holds the inner and outer rails in the fully extended position and thus stops the baking tray from inadvertently sliding back in, as well as securing all rails whilst loading or unloading the baking tray.

The system is released by simple finger pressure. Should the user have forgotten to slide the rails back in before closing the door, a special castor at the end of the rails ensures that the pressure from the closing oven door causes the rails to retract into the oven without jamming or leaving scratch marks on the glass.

Performance at the top

  • Safety: the baking tray can no longer slides back into the oven, thus preventing any unwanted contact with hot surfaces.
  • Bespoke design: fitting is possible at any time – both for manufacturers and kitchen owners - without any oven conversion.
  • Energy-efficient: our fully extendable rails are 25% lighter than conventional Flexiclip systems from other manufacturers. This allows the oven to heat up more quickly and saves energy: up to 100 KJ every time the oven is used. Green and easy on the pocket.
  • Excellent features: no wobbling, no rattling, no sudden stops. The weight of the load is irrilevant. The extendable rails are virtually silent and always function precisely and consistently.
  • Hygienic: the smooth design  guarantees that dirt, or morsels of food, will not affect its durability.


  • Ovens
  • Stoves
  • Adaptable to pull-out furniture

Technical Data

smartlockt technical data
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  • Stainless steel
  • Temperatures up to 300°C
  • Load capacity 160 N/pair of rails
  • Operating life > 20.000 cycles
Rail elementsPull-out DistanceA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)
Simple pull-out2270 - 300360 - 42014,123,0
Complete pull-out3430 - 450360 - 42014,127,2