Fit & healthy with Gourmet Vital

Talk from the nutritional expert Werner Langbauer for interested GRONBACH staff

Our canteen has been offering mainly regional and seasonal Gourmet-Vital freshly-cooked meals since August 2015 and they are very much appreciated by many. Our management is always ready to promote the health and well-being of all Gronbach staff. In October, the nutritional expert Werner Langbauer held a talk in-house for all interested staff members. The focus here was on the most effective health practices over 5000 years: nutrition! The “Gourmet Vitalküche” (gourmet vitality cuisine) is based on the long-life teachings of the old world cultures and provides a balanced method of nutrition for anyone who desires to feed themselves consciously and healthily. Using many local ingredients, seasonal, fresh and with careful preparation of the vital elements. A perfect method of nutrition especially for the obese, people with allergies, rheumatism, arthritis, those with cholesterol problems, diabetes, or those with lactose or gluten intolerance. Thanks go to Werner Langbauer for the presentations and for assisting us so ably over the last few months!

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