Gourmet – Vital in the GRONBACH canteen!

As part of workplace health promotion, we have extended the range of food on offer in our canteen!

Today’s world is particularly characterised by denatured and industrially produced food. In our canteen, we set ourselves the goal of presenting meals on the menu that are healthier, more balanced and rich in vital substances whilst also having low or zero levels of harmful substances. Our partner Werner Langbauer is helping us with this! His Gourmet-Vital concept stands for tasty vitality cuisine based on the long-life and health teachings of old world cultures as well as our own traditional and native health teachings. Our canteen staff received theoretical and practical training in July, new local suppliers and products were selected and a free test meal was offered to our staff. On the basis of the very positive feedback, we are introducing Gourmet Vital, the healthy and tasty cooking method, in our canteen from August on! Many thanks to Werner Langbauer and the ladies of our canteen!

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