Freezer hinge S58

Freezer Hinge S58 – Setting standards for the last 50 years

Our S58 freezer hinge optimises interaction between power transmission and angle position. This provides for its virtually silent movement and its durability, having revolutionised the traditional usage of freezers almost 50 years ago.


  • Smart power distribution: a high level of hysteresis achieved by the conical brake in combination with the rocker construction. This means that tensile strenght is high when closing and resistance is lower when opening.
  • Bespoke design: if required, we can supply the S58 to our clients with a bespoke hole pattern.
  • Dependability: Used by well-known freezer manufacturers for over 50 years.

Best for

  • Freezers
  • Medical engineering, for example housing lids for laboratory equipment 

Instruction for using S58

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Freezer hinge with regulation of power
Regulation of power
Freezer hinge with unique hole pattern
Unique hole pattern