Curved hinge

Oven Door Hinge G1 – Never disappoints

Our curved hinges also use kinematics to control direction and strength, which is possible thanks to the shape of the curved track. Power is transmitted thru a spring. In this way, only the spring, and not the hinge, needs to be adjusted to the weight of the door weight of the door.

Best choise for

  • Installation within the door: the appliance door and the hinge form a single unit, thus allowing the door to be taken out for installation purposes.
  • Convenience of opening: the door remains in any desired position between 20° and 70°.
  • Versatility: adjustable basic hinge to bear almost any door weight by simply changing the spring.
  • A high level of hysteresis is achieved thanks to the a patented hinge braking system, ensuring compatibility with heavier doors.
  • Dependability: Well-known domestic appliance manufacturers have relied on this hinge for many years.

Application ares

  • Domestic appliances, e.g. oven doors
  • Machinery construction
Range hinge
Nominal build-in dimensions
oven hinge spring mechanism
Spring mechanism
oven hinge curve guided
Curve guided