Electromechanically driven hinge

Is it possible to hold a baking tray using both hands and all the same to open the oven door? Yes, it is! With ehinge, the new electromechanical driven hinge for baking oven doors. By a simple touch of the sensor area, for example with the elbow, the door opens and closes automatically. And should you want to open it manually using the handle, servo technology enables to open it ergonomically.

ehinge used with a special baking program makes it possible that the oven door opens automatically to a defined angle once the cooking process is completed. That way food gets aerated. With no contact at all!

Throughout ehinge you can fit the market’s trend requirements towards home appliances that do without handles: by operating the button, by remote control or by programming of the app for opening and closing in any way you want.


  • Trendy: handleless, the oven door meets the current design requirements.
  • Ahead of your need: automatic motion just by touching the sensor area. Opens automatically when baking program has finished.
  • Freely definable activation. You decide how the oven door opens and closes.

Fields of Application

  • Domestic appliances, e.g. oven doors
  • Doors for electrical equipment
curved hinge oven
Perfect match with handleless environments
curved hinge oven
If you want the doord opens without your presence: all alone!
curved hinge oven
How? You decide what shall let the door open and close