G2 smartcurve® Curved Hinge – Innovation using minimal space

Our G2 curved hinge uses kinematics to control direction and strength. The course of the turning movement is guided by the curved track running through the lever when opening or closing. The power is transmitted by a spring. Thanks to this special construction, the torque is perfectly adapted to the oven door. Additional features, such as Grillstop, can be easily integrated. The oven door feels weightless. A wide range of torque is covered, thus greatly reducing the number of necessary versions. These are just some of the distinguishing features of our smartcurve® technology.

Great performance

  • Space-saving: the sleek design is easily integrated into the housing structure.
  • Freedom of design: thanks to its compact form, the hinge blade can almost be invisibly built into the frontal design, leaving large glass areas free.
  • Hygienic: thanks to the contruction of the housing unit and synthetic protective covering of the pivoting area.
  • Easy to use: also available with dampers, for example the soft-open-and-close version G2-D. 
  • Reliable: we test the dampers and kinematic components separately before mounting, delevering an easier, more reliable and more cost-efficient solution.

Perfectly suited for

  • Domestic appliances, e.g. oven doors
  • Doors for electrical equipment
  • Furniture construction
  • Machinery construction
curved hinge oven
Available in two lengths
curved hinge oven
Intelligent damper mechanism
curved hinge oven
Slim design