Main page » Industry solutions » Commercial cookingWe develop and produce professional kitchen components for system catering and commercial cooking. We not only realize the wishes and ideas of our customers, but also use the knowledge of our engineers for innovative new ideas and product designs. In addition to hinges and kinematic components, we have also been producing decorative elements for professional kitchens for many years, e.g. front panels for stoves and dishwashers and decor frames for hobs.
Our portfolio of mechanical and decorative components includes:

Our application technology department is at your side to advise you from the generation of ideas through production to the supply of spare parts.

Manufacturer of appliance panels and appliance fronts for commercial kitchens

Our manufacturing expertise in the field of panels, fronts and housing covers for commercial kitchens

  • Mechanical processing (bending, punching, laser cutting, milling, bending) up to a material thickness of 4 mm
  • Surface printing (laser, prints, labelling)
  • Surface finishing (grinding, brushing, polishing, blasting)
  • Possibility of integrating electronic components, e.g. LED luminaires
  • Welding and gluing
  • Customer-specific assembly systems

Supplier and manufacturer of front covers in the kitchen area
  • Complex moulded parts and components
  • Back injection of plastics
  • Integration of design structures
  • Prints, e.g. lettering, logos or operating aids
  • Hybrid technology
Supplier and manufacturer of front covers in the kitchen area