Installation of bee colonies on the company premises in Wasserburg

On GRONBACH’s premises in Wasserburg am Inn, several colonies of bees will be settled soon on the southwest side near the pond.
The company wants to set an example that every company can make its contribution to counteract bee deaths.
Another positive effect: the honey produced can be easily distributed among the staff and at the same time enriches the break times with a healthy product from the nature.
In a first step, GRONBACH will settle three colonies of bees and expands these to a further three colonies in the future. Of course, the bees enjoy complete peace and quiet, so that they can feel comfortable and develop themselves undisturbed. This is a prerequisite for such an environmental project.
Environmental protection is nothing new at GRONBACH. The entire lighting systems in the halls of all our sites have been converted to LED. All in all, usage per worked hour was reduced by 10kWh in Wasserburg between 2012 and 2015. The savings achieved up to date correspond to the CO2 emissions of over two million air kilometres. Every available roof space was equipped with a photovoltaic installation – in the meantime, a surface area as large as a football pitch has been covered. The electricity saved is fed into the national grid and is enough to provide power for over 200 homes.

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