APPARATEBAU further develops the world of kinematics, both technically and economically.
We innovate the ideas ourselves or completely redesign kinematics according to customer requirements and set new trends in the processing of aluminium, steel and stainless steel. Thus, kinematic components, sophisticated design elements as well as construction and moulded parts for different industries are created at the factory.

At our location in Laag (I), south of Bolzano, we produce daily high-quality system assemblies for professional requirements in optics, functionality and reliability. Our products can be found in numerous households and are also part of important industries such as the automotive industry, household appliance industry, office, the construction safety sector and commercial cooking. Thanks to our flexibility, active quality and supplier management and our large machine park, we are able to serve the entire value-added chain from the pull principle to the procurement market.


We make use of the following technologies and fields of competence:

  • 3D-Design
  • Process technology and methodology
  • Failure Mode Analysis (FMEA) to minimize risks
  • Quality and supplier Management
  • FEM analyses or VISI progress
  • Product development
  • Material testing and production control
  • Sample and prototype construction
  • Tool making


Excerpt of our references