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The elevel system from APPARATEBAU transforms ovens into interactive and intelligent household appliances. The innovative and electromechanical height adjustment of the grate and the elevel drawer runners makes it possible to use the rack levels in the oven without restriction. In conjunction with the core temperature sensor, the cooking program determines the optimum height position of the baking tray and moves it to it automatically.
In addition, digital baking is now possible with the smartphone: Minutes before the end of baking, your smartphone reports and informs you that the baking tray is now raised with the pull-out rail to the grill. Your industry customers can now decide which baking result is best for them by simply configuring the desired cooking level on the app.

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Functions at a glance

  • Automatic freely definable insertion heights – Height position can be changed during cooking
  • Easy to use thanks to touch operation on the oven or smartphone (can be integrated into the software of the appliance manufacturer)
  • Energy efficiency: The height of the baking tray can be automatically adjusted during the baking process without opening the oven door
  • Comfort: Examining the cooking state by lowering the food carrier
  • Energy-saving: No unused grid levels or additional rails need to be heated up during heating
  • Optically, the baking chamber appears more generous and appears modern minimalist
  • Smooth, tidy cooking chamber, easy to clean

Fields of application

  • Baking ovens
  • Cookers
  • Adaptable to furniture rails


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Technical details

  • 230V Connection
  • Stainless steel
  • Temperature range up to 300° C
  • Load capacity 160 N/rail pair
  • Lifetime > 20,000 cycles
  • 3 rail elements
  • 430 – 450 Extension stroke
  • Conform to our part and full extension slides with smartlock

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The elevel system can also be connected to the ehinge hinge developed by APPARATEBAU, which automatically opens and closes the oven door by touching a sensor. In combination with a special baking program, the oven door with hinged hinge even opens automatically at a defined angle of inclination after cooking. This allows the food to cool down optimally.
For manual attachment we recommend our smartlevel system

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