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What would it be like if you could flexibly define the insertion heights of ovens yourself, or if the levels could be exchanged in just a few simple steps?
smartlevel is the most versatile system for ovens from APPARATEBAU. The innovative fastening technology makes it possible to retrofit the full-extension rail to the oven grid without changing the drawer heights. This ensures that the food is always at the optimum height without having to sacrifice the convenience of full-extension slides. The customer himself decides on which level and whether he wants to position a wire support or a full-extension runner – or vice versa. The particular advantage for OEM suppliers and manufacturers is the cost-effective retrofitting of all furnaces thanks to the standard support system.
The smartlevel® system is also available as a partial extension rail.

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Functions at a glance

  • Flexible: Freely definable insertion heights
  • Intuitive handling: Thanks to the innovative clip system, you only need two handles to change the level quickly and easily, saving time and tools
  • Hidden secure mounting
  • Compact design: the clear, minimalist appearance makes the interior appear larger and ensures better light distribution. This enables better clarity in the baking chamber
  • Customer-specific integration: The flexibility of the smartlevel design allows easy connection of customer-specific accessories, such as rotary spits and a custom-fit sleeve holder
  • Maximum sheet width for every application: Since the rails are clipped directly to the frame and not to the wire levels, the maximum baking tray width is always available. This means that end users only need one baking tray variant
  • Flexible in height, but always at the same level: Whether with wire mesh or full extension, thanks to the frame construction, the baking height always remains at the same level
  • Quiet and comfortable: the chrome-plated grilles have better sliding properties for comfortable sliding of the food carrier, without squeaking and scratching
  • Easy to clean: The design of the smartlevel system enables ergonomic cleaning of the oven. On the one hand, customers can remove the disturbing elements in the twinkling of an eye, and on the other, we deliberately avoid unnecessary edges and undercuts that act as a bacteria or dirt trap
  • Energy-saving: With the smartlock system, fewer rail pairs are required with the same flexibility. As a result, less material has to be heated up, enabling a faster and more cost-effective heating phase

Fiels of application

  • Baking ovens
  • Pyrolytic ovens
  • Cookers
  • Adaptable to furniture rails


Fully extendable slider, telescopic pyrolytic oven slides

Technical details

  • Stainless steel
  • Temperature range up to 300° C
  • Load capacity 160 N/rail pair
  • Lifetime > 20,000 cycles
  • Material flexibility: Frame and wire mesh can alternatively be made of chrome-plated steel
  • Capable of pyrolysis
  • Fully extendable rails system: 3 rail elements; Partial system: 2 elements
  • Fully extendable rails system: 430 – 450 extension stroke; Partial system: 270 – 300 extension stroke

The extension rail is available both as a full (total) extension rail and with a partial extension (2 rail elements, 270-300 extension stroke).
Premium household appliances can also be fitted with telescopic oven slides on a single level to optimise costs for individual customers. Due to the versatility of the system, additional equipment can be handled via the accessories business.

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