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“No wobbling, no rattling, no hard hitting, and all that with a much lighter weight and improved energy consumption.”
These were the reasons for motivation and the starting shot for the design and manufacture of our full-extension slide with smartlock.
The smartlock system stabilizes pull-out rails or baking trays in ovens by means of an optimized latching system. A locking lever locks the inner and outer pull-out rails in the fully extended state and prevents the baking tray from sliding back unintentionally as well as the individual rails from moving during removal and insertion of the baking tray.

By simply pressing on the system, the lock can be unlocked again. If the user has forgotten to retract the rails before closing the oven door, a special roller at the end of the pull-out rail ensures that it slides back into the oven under the pressure of the closing oven door without blocking or leaving scratches on the glass.

Manufacturer, supplier, producer Full extension rail with latching mechanism

Functions at a glance

  • Safety: Thanks to smartlock, the baking tray no longer slips back into the oven and thus no uncontrolled contact with hot surfaces
  • Tailor-made: Installation – both for manufacturers and for kitchen owners – is possible at any time, without retrofitting the oven
  • Energy-saving: Our full-extension slides are 25% lighter than conventional Flexiclip solutions from other manufacturers. This allows the oven to heat up faster and saves energy: up to 100 KJ per baking process. This is good for the environment and even better for the purse
  • Best running characteristics: no shaking, no rattling, no hard hitting. No matter how heavy the food to be cooked is, these pull-out rails always run precisely and evenly
  • Easy handling: Our rails can be easily hooked into all levels, offer up to 4mm more usable space than conventional rail solutions and are hardly visible even with multiple equipment
  • Hygienic: The “edge-free” design ensures that longevity is not affected by soiling, such as food leftovers

Fields of application

  • Baking ovens
  • Cookers
  • Adaptable to furniture rails


Manufacturer, supplier, producer and supplier full and partial extension slides from Italy

Technical details

  • Stainless steel
  • Temperature range up to 300° C
  • Load capacity 160 N/rail pair
  • Lifetime > 20,000 cycles
  • Fully extendable rails system: 3 rail elements; Partial system: 2 elements
  • Fully extendable rails system: 430 – 450 extension stroke; Partial system: 270 – 300 extension stroke

Slide rails for the household industry

The most elegant form for fastening the rail in the oven is the functional frame from Apparatebau: smaller, of higher quality and above all more beautiful than conventional wire mesh solutions. This allows the rail to be hooked in with just one hand and moved at any time. Even when the oven is still hot. And by the way: The frame is mounted to the oven wall in the same way as the wire mesh. A special roller ensures that the rail slides back into the oven even under the pressure of the closing oven door: without blocking or leaving scratches on the glass. So the oven door is closed and the baking tray is back in the oven.
The extension slides are available both as a full extension rail and with a partial extension (2 rail elements, 270-300 extension stroke).

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Slide rails for the household industry