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The S58D hinge was developed with the desire to develop a freezer cabinet hinge that is characterized by greater safety and greater ease of use. We have remained true to the tradition of our S58 hinge.
The S58D freezer cabinet hinge from APPARATEBAU is the facelift of our classic S58 hinge.
With this hinge, we have extended the proven technology of the S58 with an adaptive damper for even more operating comfort and safety. The damper function prevents fingers from getting caught, making the S58D hinge ideal for point-of-sale applications. In addition, the hinge can be adapted to a wide range of door weights so that the S58D can be used for both small and large chests. As usual, we also supply our customers with the S58D with a customer-specific hole pattern.

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  • Intelligent force distribution: The conical brake in conjunction with the rocker design ensures increased hysteresis: During closing, the braking force is high. When opening, however, the resistance is reduced
  • Safety: The damper function prevents fingers from getting trapped. This makes the S58D ideal for point-of-sale applications
  • Tailor-made: On request, we can supply our customers with the S58D with a specific hole pattern
  • Multifaceted: The damper design can be configured for almost all cover types

Fields of application

  • Freezers, freezer cabinets
  • Medical technology, e.g. lids for laboratory devices


Technical details

  • Covers with standard IEC 60335-1 for extreme requirements available in four colour variants (white, grey, blue, black) and as special versions in various materials and colours for individual solutions
  • Up to 100,000 cycles for lid weights up to 15 kg according to ISO standard 15502
  • The S58V version according to UL 250 standard available up to 300,000 cycles
  • The lock for a 0-degree parallel position supports fast and precise mounting
  • Soft Close function

The S58D hinge is also available without an adaptive damper in the S58 version.
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