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New demands require new thinking and therefore also new products, such as the P1 heavy-duty hinge, which we designed especially for heavy loads and now manufacture in series.

The heavy-duty hinge P1 from the smartcurve series from APPARATEBAU is characterized by path and force controlled kinematics. The torque curve is controlled by the cam track, which the lever passes through during the opening and closing process, and the force transmission takes place exclusively via the spring. This makes the stove flap feel “weightless” and loads of up to 30kg can be achieved.

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  • Static load capacity: A pair of hinges can support vertical loads of up to 30 kg at a distance of 400 mm from the rotation axis
  • Motion angle: from -3 degrees to 86 degrees. The damping acts in both directions within the last 20 degrees before reaching the respective end position (0 degrees or 86 degrees)
  • Suitable for stove flaps up to 90cm
  • Space optimized: The slim hinge can be easily and almost invisibly integrated into the housing structure
  • Hygienic thanks to housing construction and plastic cover in swivel range
  • Reliable: We test the dampers and the kinematic components separately before assembly – this is simpler, more reliable and more cost-efficient
  • Expandable: Electronic sensors, e.g. for light switches or grill stops, can be integrated excellently into the hinge

Fields of application

  • Home appliance applications, e.g. oven doors, dishwasher doors
  • Doors for electrical appliances
  • Furniture
  • Mechanical engineering


Technical details

  • Turbo torque range: 60Nm
  • Curve controlled torque
  • Optional push-to-open operation
  • Soft-touch operation
  • Automatic Child Safety
  • Slim installation dimensions
  • Curve controlled
  • Intelligent damper mechanism
  • Available in 2 lengths
  • End position cushioning on both sides
  • Horizontal or vertical installation in chassis or door possible
  • High weight bandwidth
  • At least 20,000 silent motion cycles. 100,000 motion cycles on request
  • Full clamping force even at high temperatures
  • Pyrolysis capable on request
  • Hygienic and easy to clean

oven door hinge

The heavy duty hinge P1 is also available as “G2 curve hinge” (up to 25kg load capacity) for standard ovens and as “ehinge” with electromechanical drive.

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