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The G1 hinge from APPARATEBAU is one of our most important innovations. Our focus in the development was on the versatile and reliable usability for almost every door weight.
The curve hinge G1 from APPARATEBAU is equipped with path and force controlled kinematics. The characteristics of the hinge are controlled by the design of the cam track. The force is transmitted by a spring and not over the entire hinge, so that only this has to be adapted to the door weight.
The G1 has already proven itself a million times over and can be found in many private households.

Manufacturer, supplier, producer of cooker hinges in Italy, soft close hinges with damper


  • Door-side installation position: the appliance door forms a unit with the hinge, so the door can easily be removed for installation purposes
  • Comfort opening: In the opening angle between 20° and 70° the door remains in any position
  • Multidirectional: The basic hinge can be adapted to almost any door weight by simply changing the spring
  • The patented hidden hinge brake ensures increased hysteresis, i.e. large door weight ranges are permitted
  • Reliable: Renowned household appliance manufacturers have been relying on the G1 hinge for years

Fields of application

  • House appliances, e.g. cooker doors
  • Mechanical engineering

Technical details

  • Slim installation dimensions
  • Curve controlled
  • Spring mechanism