Domestic Appliances

We have been producing hinges and telescopic rails as well as kinematic parts on a global scale for well-known domestic appliance manufacturers for almost 50 years. Our OEM clients from the kitchen industry rely on us for the production of bespoke parts such as hob and oven surrounds as well as decorative panels for dishwashers, amongst others.

Should we not already have the solution most suited to our client's specifications, we simply develop it. Individual projects of outstanding quality - here is just a small sample of some of the projects we have carried out:

Pivot hinge

Our pivot hinge for ovens and microwaves shines thanks to ist extremely long durability even when operating under extremely high temperatures.

S58 Freezer hinge

Heavy freezer lids can be easily opened thanks to our hinges.

Hob frame

Our design frames are characterised by their aesthetics and functionality and thus fulfil the highest quality requirements of our clients.

printed stainless steel fronts

Our decorative Panels meet the strictest surface design requirements and can be found in many households.