• G2 smartcurve® Curved Hinge

    G2 smartcurve® Curved Hinge

  • Extension slide rails smartlock

    Extension slide rails

  • Stainless steel panel

    Switch panels

  • Freezer hinge

    Freezer hinges

  • Sill strip

    Decorative strips

electromechanical hinges - ehinge®

extendable rails - elevel®

freezer hinges

APPARATEBAU - supplier for the home appliance industry

APPARATEBAU is an important supplier for the home appliance industry. The medium-sized company is specialized in development and production of hinges, telescopic rails and stainless steel panels, specifically designed for domestic use.

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Hinge Systems

We manufacture hinges and hinge systems for the domestic appliance industry. Furthermore, we develop numerous kinematic components for the most varied applications.

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Extendable rails


We produce extendable rails and telescopic rails for the home appliance industry. The baking sheet remains stable when pulled out, thanks to the fully extendable rails that use our smartlock system.

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Stainless steel processing

Stainless steel processing

For decades, our know-how has been allowing us to be present in various industries, providing development and production projects to the metallurgical industry, especially for the stainless steel processing.

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Family and Career

Headquarters in Egna / Neumarkt

Our company is located in Egna, South Tyrol, our components can be found in domestic appliances across the world. As a family business, we are firmly rooted in the region and strongly connected to our work force.

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