Workplace and movement analysis at GRONBACH!

Workplaces were examined for possible ergonomic improvements and the motional behaviour of the staff was analysed. The findings and recommendations of the AOK were then discussed with the supervisors and safety officers as well as with the colleagues from the “FZ” department.

Together it was decided which AOK recommendations and which ideas from the department would be implemented in practice – from small technical solutions to the modification of a machine – in order to promote healthy motional behaviour during the working day. In September, the AOK motion specialist Frau Hornsteiner visited us again and gave an interesting talk to the staff of the FZ production department on the topic of “Back health in everyday working life” including the latest scientific findings, many tips and gymnastic exercises for the everyday (working) life. Thanks to the FZ department for actively participating and also a special thanks to the AOK for a cooperation that was once again very enjoyable and positive! We will be very pleased to work together in the future on other health-related projects!

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